Boulder CO Personal Chef & Flowers Delivered by your local Florist – Wedding Planning

Hand crafted weddings require lots of floral arrangements and  extensive culinary planning by competent catering companies, personal chef’s or private cooks in and around Denver.  Vegan & vegetarian food is becoming much more popular for weddings as people are starting to acknowledge the health concerns surrounding a diet including meat.  It’s a delight to have a personal chef prepare the meals and to have your local boulder florist supply the flowers and wedding centerpiece.

Vegan Food from your personal chef with boulder floral arrangements

Beautiful Food Prep by your Personal Chef in Boulder, CO

Your private chef and artistic Florist are imperative when planning your meals and creating the wedding centerpiece in Boulder and Denver.  Floral professionals work hand in hand with culinary pro’s to create an overall environment that enhances guest enjoyment via all the senses.  Flowers enhance a guests mood simply by adding a the fragrance of enjoyment and physical beauty to any environment.  It has been proven to enhance a groups mood to bring nature into the room, and adding amazing food to the equation only makes it that much more enjoyable.  Deeply satisfying vegan or vegetarian fare will not only satisfy your guests but will leave them lively and ready to dance after eating – which isn’t what happens when you feed them heavy foods with cream, meat and lots of fat!  Leave them ready to have a great time, great conversation and some dancing to boot.  Of course, regardless of whether you want a rockin scene or a quiet connecting conversation, food that leaves you feeling good, present and clear headed will only enhance everyone’s experience.

Have you considered trying a Vegan & Vegetarian Private cook or personal chef in Boulder Colorado?  Denver is a great city for culinary enjoyment.  You can find the Best Personal Chef in Denver Colorado by visiting which is your Home Cook Culinary Denver based Specialist.

Flowers are a great way to add to a fantastic meal.  BrighterDay Floral may be the Best Florist in Boulder Colorado?  They deliver flowers, bouquets, flower arrangements and create  beautiful wedding centerpieces.  They have consistently won awards and offer a fantastic reliable service here in Boulder.  It is rare that you come across a company so dedicated to what they do!

Planning your wedding flowers is a big job and it sets the tone so it can’t be taken lightly.  Brighter day florist in Boulder has been great for lots of people  they are a Top florist delivery service in BOULDER for wedding flower centerpieces.  The centerpiece is the crown jewel of any floral planning for a variety of wedding styles.

Food preparation for a wedding requires a professional touch, having a catering professional or personal chef handle your food will be a blessing.  Do you want catering for your wedding?


If you are planning to create your own floral arrangements keep in mind that you can order flowers from all over the world.  Ecuadorian, Columbian, Californian or Floridian flowers are common places to order from.  Roses, Amaranthus, Alstroemeria, Birds of Paradise and Bonsai trees are a few winners as well.  This list goes on for a long time: Carnations, Daffodil, Calla Lillies, Gardenia….

Once you have your flowers you will need to care for them in a number of ways.  There is a more complete list found at